REGISTRATION FORM:  Please note that this is a contract between yourself and Pre-School and you are obliged to follow Policies/Procedures and all the terms and conditions as on the Registration Form – so please read this carefully.  Once signed you must give 6 weeks notice if your child does not take the place and/or start on ‘official start date’ that is shown on the Form – or, if your child leaves the setting at any time thereafter.  If no 6 weeks notice is given, then the Pre-School will require that amount of fees from you. Please remember to inform  the Pre-School as soon as possible of ANY CHANGES that may occur at any time after you first complete this Form e.g.

*  change of address/contact number.  The Preschool should always have the parent/carers contact number at all times.

*  persons picking up child. Is there a person you want removed/added  ?

*  medication  – has a G,P, prescribed your child an inhaler since filling in the Registration Form or any other  medication ?

*  allergies – does your child react to anything e.g. foods; fur; stings; etc.

JEWELLERY:  For safety reasons, no child to wear jewellery  during the time they are attending a  pre-school session please.

MEDICATION:  If your child is taking any kind of medication – PLEASE NEVER LEAVE THIS IN THEIR BAG.  ALWAYS GIVE TO A MEMBER OF STAFF.   We will not administer medication unless  already authorised and a consent form completed and signed with the Supervisor or SENCo beforehand.  It is preferred by the Pre-School to have a spare inhaler and spacer on the premises at all times – otherwise the parent is required to bring  an inhaler and spacer each time the child attends which may result in the medication being forgotten to take home or brought in at the start of each session. Failure to bring an inhaler/invasive treatment  means that the child cannot be left with us  due to the safety and well being of your child (as well as Insurance purposes).

CHILD’S OWN NAME LABELLED BAG:   We do suggest that your child bring their own clearly named bag with a change of clothes (whatever their age) as accidents can happen e.g. spilling drink.  For those children still in nappies, please include spare nappies etc. If there is no spare nappy in your child’s bag, then we will use one of our own at a cost of 50p.

CLOTHING/UNIFORM:      We do have our own logo printed ‘uniform’ which is optional, but can save on other clothes becoming spoilt e.g. paints etc.   We also recommend sensible footwear for safety reasons please,  e.g. no flip flops as we do offer large climbing equipment and other activities which require climbing/running etc.

OUTDOORS/Visits:    Again, suitable clothing is required for all types of weather.  We would suggest that children always bring a waterproof jacket with them each session as we try to get into the garden as much as possible, but we also may decide to take small groups out to visit places e.g. Library.   For the HOTTER weather, a SUN HAT please and…….

SUN BLOCK – Please be aware that our Policy states that it is the parents responsibility to apply sun block to their child for this activity.  The Pre-School is not responsible in reminding parents to apply sun block before each session.   The weather can change  quickly, so its best to be prepared – Thank You.

PARENTS ROTA -  We really appreciate parents involvement in our pre-school.  So if you want to come along and just help out, please sign-up on the ‘Parents Rota List’ which is on the Notice Board in the main hall.   If you have any gifts e.g. play a musical instrument; craft interests; profession (police, fire etc), we would be really interested to have you  come and involve the children in this too.

BIRTHDAYS -Some parents (this is optional and you are not required to do so) like to bring in sweets to celebrate their child’s birthday.  Please ensure that these do not contain nuts and that the sweets are wrapped with the ingredients  and date of expiry shown.  We sing ‘Happy Birthday’  and let the child give out their sweets at the end of the session.   Thank You.

REFRESHMENT / WATER -  We offer water at any time during the session, but please remind your child to ask if they ever require a drink.   We have a refreshment time where all children are taken to the toilet and to wash hands beforehand.  Children sit down at table for refreshment/lunch.  We normally offer  fruit or vegetable and/or a  breadstick and  water or milk to drink at no extra cost to you.

LUNCH BOXESNO NUTS  at pre-school.  If your child stays for lunch, then a packed lunch box is required from home.  However,  please ensure  there are  NO foods containing NUTS or PEANUTS – this includes checking  all ingredients contained e.g. some chocolate spreads and cereal bars may contain nuts.  Some children may have a severe allergic reaction to nuts (even just by sitting next to a child eating!).

COMPLAINTS  -  Firstly, please never go to a member of staff to complain about another member of staff – always speak to the MANAGER or contact  a Committee Member (details on the Notice Board).

Should you ever have a complaint or concern about anything, please speak to the MANAGER as soon as possible so the problem can be dealt with quickly and hopefully effectively.  However, if you do not feel you can speak to the Manager for whatever reason, then please contact a Committee Member which can either be one of the Parent Representatives or the Chair Person (details on the Main Hall’s Notice Board).

Details on the Complaints Policy & Procedure on SIDE ROOM’s NOTICE BOARD.