Equality Scheme

We have an Equality and Diversity Policy.

Our Pre-School has a named person acting as an Equality Needs Co-ordinator whose purpose is to:

*  help promote, co-ordinate and monitor equality of opportunity for pre-school children and their families in an early years setting.

*  To work in partnership with families, staff and volunteers to foster partnerships and remove barriers to inclusion for those families and their children.


We also have an Equality Working Group (EWG)which consists of the ENCo, SENCo and a small number of parents. 

Through the group, we implement an Equality Scheme/Action Plan which identifies key equality aims that will be taken forward through a set of timetabled actions.  We keep an Equality Check and an Access Audit Check List.

The Purpose of an EWG is:

* To contribute to the development of an approach which reflects our commitment to, and vision of, equality throughout the setting.

*  To create and maintain an EWG to ensure that issues of equality, diversity, participation and belonging are addressed within the  setting.

* To contribute to making the setting aware of, and compliant with, legislative requirements

*  To share information throughout the setting and contribute to the development of good inclusive practice.

*  To collate and discuss relevant findings with the management team and make recommendations if needed.