Our Fees and FEEE

WE RECEIVE FREE FUNDING FROM ESSEX AUTHORITY FOR TWO YEAR FUNDING  AND FOR 3/4 YEAR FUNDING – Please read below for further information in respect of the free fundng.

For FEE PAYING PARENTS for children under the age of 3yrs is £5.00 per hour

For FEE PAYING PARENTS with children over the age of 3yrs -  our fees are £4.20 per hour.

To help parents, we offer a flexible choice of payment, either half termly or weekly in advance.

Weekly payments must be made at the start of each week or on the first session your child attends for the FULL week.

We accept BACS payments, cash or cheques made payable to Kingfishers Pre-School. If your child’s name is different to that of the payee, then please write the child’s name on the back of the cheque. Thank You – this helps the Treasurer.

All payments are to be given to the Supervisor.  On payment of fees you will be given a receipt that is proof of payment.  It is advisable to keep this receipt for at least 3 months, just in case a query should arise.

If you are fee paying and your child is absent DURING PRE-SCHOOL TERM DATES  then you are responsible to pay for the sessions your child does not attend.

3/4 yr Free Education Entitlement Funding (FEEE) -  We receive FREE FUNDING  for children the term after their 3rd Birthday.

*We also receive free  funding for 2 year olds, again, a term after their 2nd Birthday.  This is applicable to parents who receive certain Benefits -  Please go on the Essex County Council website for early years 2yr free funding and apply online.  You will be given a reference number which you need to give to the pre-school of your choice.  Please note that you may only use ONE Provider for the 2yr funding.
Please note, before we can claim free funding,  we require to see proof of the child’s date of birth and a utility bill or something similar with a recent date on as proof of address  – so we usually ask parents to bring in these documents at the time of filling in the Registration Form or as soon as possible to take a record of this.

The maximum universal free funding available for each child  is 15 hours a week.

3/4 yr Funding – If your child attends another setting, please check with them the number of hours they are claiming too.  Any shortfall of fees owing will be the responsibility of, and charged, to the parent at the rate of the free entitlement.

When Free Funding  applies, you will be required to sign a Parent Declaration Form each term to agree the amount of hours the Pre-School is claiming for.  You can find full  information about this on our Notice Board.  Please note that  we are a DATA CONTROLLER FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE DATE PROTECTION ACT.  We collect information about your child and use this personal data to ensure that this setting receives the statutory funding which it is eligible for.  We are required by law to pass some information to Essex County Council as the Local Authority and the Department for Education (DfE) through the Free Early Education Entitlement headcount and annual Early Years Census.  This information includes your child’s name, date of birth, home address, the number of free entitlement hours you are accessing for your child, and personal characteristics such as ethnic group and whether your child has special educational needs.

There is also an Extended Entitlement on offer to parents who are both working (up to 30 hours per week – other terms and conditions apply) – or for a single parent family where the sole parent is in work. Parents need to Register to apply for this funding – Go on governments website to find out more if you could claim these additional hours www.essex.gov.uk/earlyyears , or call the Family Information Service on 0800 055 6874 or speak to your local Family Hub. You can also find out about Tax’Free childcare too on this website.  If you are entitled then you need to given the Manager the reference number and make sure you apply a term in advance.