We keep a waiting list and, as places become available, the supervisor contacts the parent to come for a visit / induction.  Parents can contact us by email or phone to place their child’s name on our Waiting List.  We require the name, date of birth of the child and address and contact details please.

When parents visit us for the first time, the Supervisor will do an ‘induction’ and try and give you as much information about us e.g. give you a copy of our Prospectus; show you around the setting; introduce you to other members of staff and general information etc.  This is a good time for parents to ask  questions too, to help you decide whether we are the right pre-school for you.

Parents/carers need to complete and return a registration form to the Pre-School before leaving their child in our care.
If, at any time, the information given by the parent on the form changes e.g. change of contact numbers; persons authorised to pick up the child; etc;  then the parent must inform the pre-school ( in writing)  of the changes as soon as possible.

The supervisor will discuss sessions available and give an official start date which is recorded on the registration form. If sessions are offered, but the parent declines, then it is at the discretion of the supervisor whether the place for the child is terminated. Once a session is declined by a parent/carer (at any time), then that session may be given to another child and (subject to availability) may not be offered again.

Once the registration form is signed and you are given the official starting date for your child, then you are required to give six weeks (during Pre-School term time) cancellation notice – or any loss of fees for that time will be required.  A COMPLETED REGISTRATION FORM SHOWS THAT THE PARENT COMPLIES TO THE PRE-SCHOOL’S POLICIES TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

WE HAVE A SETTLING-IN PROCEDURE FOR NEW CHILDREN – please see our Policy, but just to give you an idea of how it works:   We want your child to feel happy and safe with us.  We welcome you to stay-on to settle your child.  Many parents prefer to ‘stay around’ for the first couple of weeks – while others feel happy to leave it to us once they see their child happily playing.  If you are leaving your child for the first time and you are uncertain how they will react once you have gone,  please  find either your child’s key person or, if you do not know your child’s key person at that time, please look for any member of staff and ask her to take care of your child personally – that member of staff (practitioner) will give your child the support s/he needs and help her/him to get involved in the activities offered.   However, if any child becomes very upset and we cannot pacify them, then we will call parents to come back straight away – so please make sure you are easily contactable  particularly during your child’s settling-in period.  We will then work with you on how to get your child to separate from you causing as little distress as possible.

If parents agree to us using the ipad recording system, then that is an easy way of Key Persons emailing parents how their child is doing.

We also  give parents a quick questionnaire to fill in  to enable the Key Person know what stage of development your child is at when first arriving at pre-school.

Nappies! One of the most frequent question asked by parents is ‘Does my child need to be toilet trained and out of nappies’?  and the answer to that is “NO” - We do not expect your child to be potty or toilet trained.   We will work with you when the time is right for you and your child.  Just remember to bring a clearly named bag with all the things we need to clean and change your child  -  change of clothes too please.