Ofsted Report

Our last Ofsted Inspection was in October 2015 and we were given ‘GOOD’  A paper copy of this full  report is available to read.  However, please read below the …


* Children are well protected because staff have a good understanding of their responsibility to safeguard children.  Well organised daily routines help children learn how to keep themselves and others safe.

*  Children achieve well because teaching is good.  The provision for disabled children and those with special educational needs, and children who speak English as an additional language, is exceptional.  There are strong partnerships with other professional, and some members of the staff team have expertise in these specific areas of practice.

*  Partnerships with parents are a real strength of this setting because all parents are included.  They regularly receive information about their child’s progress and are highly engaged in their children’s education.

*  Children are well prepared for the move to school and there are good arrangements and strong links with the receiving schools.  Good partnerships with other providers and ensure the continuity of learning and care.

*  The Pre-School is well led and managed.  Systems for evaluating the provision are good and take into account the views of parents, children and staff.


* On occasions, staff do not always give children enough time to think before responding to questions.

To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:

*  Give children sufficient time to think and organise their thoughts when responding to questions.

Inspection Activities:

*  The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities indoors and outdoors, and assessed the impact this has on children’s learning.

*  The inspector completed a joint observation with the pre-school manager.

*  The inspector held meetings witht the pre-school manager and looked at relevant documentation, such as the self-evaluation and evidence of the suitability of staff.

*  The inspector spoke to a small selection of parents during the inspection and took account of their views.